The goal of WTE is to encourage further opening of the hearts of humans to the Heart of the Earth. With your help placing photos of people and our Earth in the gallery we will grow and circulate a visual reminder of this sacred relationship.

Gratitude is given to the energetic vibration of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calender, The We Touch Earth site came into thought at the onset of that wave. Humanity along with Earth is closing a 25,000 cycle and birthing a new era where the voice of the collective heart will lead. Expression of this love in person or through image will help more people wake and remember the Great Sacred Circle of Life.


Those awake are challenging family, friends, communities and politicians over and over to accomplish respectful relationship with the Earth's gifts. Many many across the world are working in small and huge ways to correct the mess humans have made on this Earth. People are still waking up seeing resources are limited, need to be managed with care and utilized with discernment. Much more conscious action is needed more people and governments need to be wise, sparingly use limited resources and come on board with supporting and using sustainable sources such as wind sunlight and rapid growing trees.

Photos of people from all walks of life caring for and loving Earth will nourish humanity into knowing Earth is a vast and conscious being who provides us with all we need for life.


Our Earth houses a spirit just as the body houses your own spirit. As huge as She is, is also how sensitive She is. The spirit of our Earth has been neglected by the majority of humans far too long.

The Earth is a being with a heart, the heart of a great mother. This has been known for millennia and only recently suppressed and forgotten, reawakening to this knowing will be natural for many. It maybe as simple as reminding or taking someone out to sit quiet and feel the Earth's hum, her vibration. It might take more experiential education for some to embrace Earth. Contact us if this is something you want to know more about. The paths to this are numerous and exist all over the world.


We welcome you to participate and utilize the offerings of our sister sites, where conscious relationship with the Earth is a way of life for the people behind the screens.


How To Become a We Touch Earth Way-Shower

It's simple - just upload to the gallery photos and images of loving contact with the Earth. These images of yourself or others will remind people around the world of the sacred relationship between humans and Earth, encouraging people to express this connection more openly in their lives.


Certainly going out to on the land or water heightens the expression for both the individual and Earth however it is not always possible and not absolutely necessary.

Most important is increasing the frequency intentional love and gratitude is given to the planet.

One can do this simply by meditative thought or gazing from a window to nature harnessing heart emotion intentionally, being the emotion and sending it like a ray of light. On the land there are so many ways to express love from formal ceremony to simple walking with love emanating from the feet. You'll find your unique ways and perhaps pass them on to others. Especially young people, they get it and will go out and offer love to the Earth in all kinds of ways.

Many today live complex hectic lives and don't connect to the Earth. If this is true for you, begin with a simple routine, find a place in your day that you can easily slip in some moments to connect with the Earth. Maybe just touching a plant or tree you pass daily or a rock or rock wall. Take a moment to stop, breathe, connect and send some love through the spark of your touch. In time you'll find more places to do this and in time, you'll feel the Earth call you and remind you.

This is a very personal practice, there are no words to describe being in relationship with the Earth, it is an experience of the senses, the language sensual not cerebral. You may find you want to keep this practice private or you may become so excited when the Earth responds to you you'll want to share it with everyone who'll listen. It does not matter there is no one way, what matters is establishing your sacred connection. The more who do this, health for humanity and the planet will return. When thousands more people open to this connection making good choices with Earthly resources will flourish.

Another simple action is to pick up a stone, any kind will be fine, carry it with you for awhile, you can hold it to your heart, whisper prayers into it or just keep it near you sending good thoughts to it. When the time feels right, leave it somewhere on the Earth and pick up another.

When ever we take something from the Earth its good to offer a thank you. In indigenous cultures people leave simple offerings for what they take, corn meal, tobacco, a splash of water or alcohol, one can leave a penny or if you have nothing just your spit. In this way the Sacred Circle of life is kept flowing. Sadly modern cultures only take never leaving real intentional gratitude. Happily though this will change.

Immense gratitude is offered to the Earth's indigenous people who through their ancestors have honored this sacred bond with Earth, keeping it alive for all people to once again know and feel and too, to those who have persistently brought the message of honoring the Earth to non indigenous people. I thank the many who directly shared with me their ways.

Thank you too Oh Shinnah who teaches giving prayers to the Earth through the rock people. Those of you who attend sacred fires, ask permission first if you can pass your stone through the fire 3 times, this will fix the vibration of your prayers in the stone matrix for all time. If its not possible to do this know that the vibration of your prayers will resonate to the Earth and will just need to be renewed, Its easy to make a practice of carrying small stones... kids do it all the time.

Much love and joy to you all and the land you reside on, as the new energies of the Earth embrace all.

We Are All Related In Lak' ech Ala K'in Mitakuye Oyasin Namaste