We Touch Earth, Sporot to Spirit

Help humanity's relationship with Earth heal and grow.
Add a picture of you or others engaging with nature to the gallery as an offering of spirit. By doing so, you will inspire others to awaken and realize the sacredness and connectedness we all share with the Earth.

What Is It?

WE TOUCH EARTH is a place to visually express peoples loving actions with the Earth. Conscious responsible relationship with planet will help all life flourish.

Add Your Photo

Add your vision of touching the Earth to the gallery. Earth likes it when you love her.

"We Touch Earth" Missions:

To honor and rekindle relating to the Earth in a spiritually loving way.

To promote awareness of how Earth, a living being is exquisitely sensitive to the emotions of humans.

To create a freely offered collection of photos from people around the world, lovingly touching our Earth.

You may already have photos as people innately love nature, just many have forgotten it all belongs to one being... our Earth Mother. NOW is the time for all humanity to REMEMBER